Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sixty Shades of Neutral

I started this jellyroll race couple of weeks ago. I like the idea of having the strips run vertically and so I used 60 strips to make it taller rather than wider.  

If you have never done a jellyroll race, the idea behind it is like this. You start with a big stack of 2 1/2 inch strips. 
Sew all the strips end  to end until you have a really long strip! 
Fold the strip in half and sew all along the side so that now you have a strip that is twice as wide and half as long.
Fold it in half again and sew the side. Now the piece is four strips wide.
Fold it in half again and sew the side. Now the piece is eight strips wide.
Fold it in half again and sew the side. Now the piece is is 16 strips wide
Fold it in half again and sew the side. Now the piece is 32 strips wide.
This is where you would stop. The piece is now 64 inches wide.
You wouldn't fold it in half again because then it would be 128 inches wide.

The other dimension of the quilt depends on how long your strip is at the start.
If you use 40 steps, it would be 1600 inches long, which is why sometimes this pattern is called the 1600 quilt.  So because you always have 32 strips wide, you would divide 1600" by 32 to get a measurement of about 58 inches.   Your quilt would be 58 x 64.
But, I used 60 strips, which is 2400 inches.  And 2400 inches divided by 32 strips wide is about 78 inches long for each finished strip.   So that is what my  quilt turned out to be, about 64" x 78".

To facilitate this, we cut a bunch of two and a half inch strip packs at the store. There are 20 strips in one pack, and 40 strips in another pack.
Then I had to decide how to quilt it.
I decided to divide it into columns of three strips wide each.   
That meant that each column would be about 6 inches wide which is a nice width to quilt on my home machine. 
Each column has a different quilting design on it. This makes it more interesting for me to quilt because I am easily bored.
These are some of the designs that I quilted on it. You can see that I am not an expert quilter because my lines aren't always smooth and my stitch length varies quite a lot. However, I will keep practicing and getting better.
fans ( i changed the lighting on some of these photos to make the quilting lines easier to see)
wavy triangles
figure eights
small spirals

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It is a nice quiet quilt that will look nice next to other more colorful ones.  I must confess that I stole this idea from Val who made one of these out of pale batiks a couple of years ago.  

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  1. I love this project! Not too much thinking required - at least not for the piecing - suits me just fine. :-)


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