Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Big City Bag

yesterdays sewing for me was to make up a new tote bag.
i had been wanting to do a few things:
1. try a strap using some swivel hooks and d-rings
2.  try out a pattern from the book Big City Bags by Sara Lawson
3.  use some yummy fabric i had in my stash -- pink birds and a heavy linen

so in this project i got to kill three birds with one stone!

overall, i am pretty excited about this new bag.
i love the way the strap went together, and it is nice to use with the swivel in it
i love the shape of it, and its a size that seems like it will be pretty useful, 
this is the book with the pattern in it
the pattern pieces were spot on in terms of fitting together.   i was glad that i was already familiar with how to do a zipper, because i couldnt understand her instructions.   
Overall, it was a good project, and I love my new tote! 

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  1. zippers are my bete noir...for garments, i mainly resort to hand-picking...for bags, i use a method i found in a bag pattern i got from periwinkle two stores idea what the pattern was called, but the method works well!
    happy thanksgiving!


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