Saturday, October 25, 2014

Houston, 2014

i am currently in Houston at the Quilt Market.  I want to post lots of photos so that you can all see a bit of whats going on here,
yesterday was Schoolhouse, where vendors, teachers and designers had sessions where they presented whats new in their products.  the attendees, people like me had a dozen time slots to choose what to fill.  each time slot had about 22 different choices of presentations and was either 15 minutes or 30 minutes long.  
the one that I took the most photos at was by Jo Morton, since I know some of you are real fans of her stuff...
she showed a ton of quilts, from this large 91" bed quilt,
to small projects
of course these photos are taken on a phone, and dont begin to show how lovely the quilts are in real life,

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