Monday, October 27, 2014

Houston 2014, on the sales floor

The Quilt Market show in Houston has three main components: the amazing quilt show displays, the class and lecture area on the upper floors, and the sales floor. 
Today I have some photos of the sales floor so you can get a bit of an idea of how the vendors set up their booths in order to attract our orders....
I took my real camera with me to attempt to get better quality photos than my cell phone!

 the large fabric companies have tables where the reps meet with the store buyers to look over the samples and write the orders: 
 Of course they display enticing samples to show the new collections and draw attention to the fabrics and how they look sewn up,
 This year I noticed a lot of emphasis on other substrates that have supplemented the flat cottons,, such as voile, knits, Double gauze, canvas, linen,

 The individual designers always present lovely single booths to show their new collections,
 I love to see the displays that they come up with to catch your attention!
Westminster booth
westminster booth

Tim Holtz, tweaking his display

 There are a few vendors mixed in who sell antique quilts, and stacks of individual blocks waiting to be rescued,
 I'm sorry that I forgot to photograph booths of the other vendors, such as thread companies, longarm machines, pattern designers, notions companies, batting manufacturers, button companies, book publishers, and others.... I guess you can tell what my eyes are drawn to!
Michael Miller booth
Alison Glass fabrics for Andover,


  1. Wow! What eye candy! Especially love the Westminster booth (as always). And after today's snow, I really wish I was there!

  2. torture! pure torture! how wonderful!


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