Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stash Management!

 So for the past week or so, I've been chipping away at that box of scraps by my cutting table.  I take out a handful of scraps, iron them and then cut them into some standardized sizes. 

I got  big chunk done on Sunday, along with a couple of other quilters in the classroom at the shop.  The bonus was that it was fun to visit and get to know each other a bit more,
Here are some ideas that occurred to me as I was doing this...(and continue to do a little bit each day--my shelves are getting pretty full, so I think I'll start to sort out what's stacked there too).

Some ideas
---keep a basket by your cutting table to put odd sized scraps until you have time to organize them,   include left over pieces of binding
 ---keep another basket to put fabrics you just don’t want to have, give it away when it’s getting full,
---cut into the largest precuts, or dimensions that you have a project in mind for
larger cuts can be subcut later
----keep a lint roller handy,
---decide what is the smallest size that you want to keep as one full chunk, folded with the other fabrics, such as a 10" x 20" piece, or a .1m of fabric, whatever you prefer,

   Sizes to cut:, (you might not want to do all of these, but you'll develop some favorite sizes to use)
    6 inch strips
    5 inch strips
    3 inch strips
    2-1/2 inch strips
    1-1/2 inch strips
    10 inch squares
    5 inch squares
    2-1/2" squares

Storage: can be stacked on shelves, or in containers,   or ziplock bags,
As you’re cutting you can roughly group them by length,
store the longest strips on bottom of pile
you might want to group strips into light and dark piles,

Keep in mind some quick projects that take larger pieces of fabric, such as pillowcases, simple tote bags,

Organize your patterns into sections that correlate with the type of cuts you are accumulating

As I was cutting, I noticed some colors that went together nicely, so I pulled them out, 
and then I pulled larger pieces from my cupboard, because I decided I needed to make something with them, 
It took me a few days of browsing around online to decide on a project, but last night I started cutting the shapes for a new quilt, which I will have to blog about later, because this post is about stahsh management, after all,
But, this is the outcome I hadnt really expected, the moral of the story, if you will, 
that once you make a start with organizing your scraps, it leads to noticing new color and fabric combinations, which stimulates the imagination.  Before you know it, you have a new project in mind that has you pulling all sorts of things from your stash to use..... 

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