Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I sewed a medallion to use as the center of my Saturday Surprise Sampler for this year, using the Jo Morton fabrics.

The fabrics are in the style of 1800's fabrics, and that was a time when Medallion quilts were popular, so it seemed only fitting to use the blocks this year for that style of quilt.
I had made a medallion quilt about ten years ago that I pulled out and laid the blocks around to get an idea of how it might look, and liked it well enough to repeat,
so this is how it looks so far, 
If you are interested in using this as the center for your quilt, if you are doing the blocks this year, I have written the pattern for it, and we have even cut some kits for it, 
the kits came out at a regular price of $55.50, as they contain just over three meters of fabric and the pattern.  If you have purchased at least ten of the block kits, you can have a 30% discount on the kit, which works out to $38.85.   Just let us know if you would like to get one, and we can either set one aside for you To pick up, or we can mail it to you, 
however you decide to sew your blocks together, I am sure this year will see some gorgeous quilts! 

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