Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shenandoah quilt,

This morning I spent machine quilting 
I decided to try using this pretty ivory colored Clipdot from Michael Miller on the back, and I love it.   It is a lightweight cotton with some texture on it.  The quilt feels really light and airy...
The quilt itself is called Shenandoah, by Creative Sewlutions, and you can make it in seven sizes!  
this is the second size I've made.

it only uses two fabrics,..... for this throw sized one Im using a beautiful Asian floral by Hoffman and a moda Weave as the background,

the first one i made, in the smallest, crib size version I used a pretty border print,  

It is a pretty cool pattern, all in all, I am already thinking how I can vary it by filling up those columns eith piecing....

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  1. what an absolutely BRILLIANT use for a border print! i have a nice bit of one that has been tucked away 'ripening' for about 20 years...didn't want to cut it .... now i know what it's been waiting for!
    thank you so much!


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