Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stash Management Day!

One thing I have heard many people say lately is " I need to use what I have", or I need to sew what's in my stash.  
Great idea!  there are amazing treasures just waiting to have their turn in the spotlight.
i've realized, however, that it is way easier to sew from your stash when 
a. you can see what is in it, and 
b.  you can get at what you want when you need to.

So, this entails a bit of Stash Management!
It means turning chaos 

into order
sometimes just by refolding and stacking by color,

and somettimes turning big heaps of odd sized scraps
into a basic system of standardized precuts that are one step closer to being included into a project,

If you want to participate in a group stash management, Why not come on Sunday to the shop from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to get organised with a little guidance and lots of moral support.  $5.00 for the day will cover snacks, ideas, cutting mats and irons. you will need to bring a box or two full of scrap chaos, a ruler, and your rotary cutter.  limit of six people, so call the store to reserve your spot!  306-933-3072, in Saskatoon!   

I hope to take some photos and notes to post later for those who aren't able to come in person.   it will be invigorating to get some of those stacks tamed! 


  1. what a terrific idea!

  2. yeah, Molly, it is an oddly satisfying activity to get things sorted. its sort of relaxing too, i spent a couple hours yesterday, and some time today going thru scraps. hopefully will get lots done on Sunday, too


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