Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Peri Handmade

big news!
with equal parts excitement and trepidation I am announcing that we will now be selling some handmade items at Periwinkle!  
I'm calling this venture Peri Handmade, and it will have its own little area of floorspace devoted to items such as handbags, table runners, baby quilts and pottery.  (yes, pottery)
At this point, all items will have been handmade by me.  

This is an idea I've entertained for quite a long time now, especially as the pile of quilts gets taller, and people come in to the shop looking to buy a completed quilt.   It has been easy to procrastinate however, since I tell myself that I need to have proper labels and care instructions, and proper ways to display items, .....  but I think that I need to just start, and try to keep improving the logistics as we go. 

The nervousness comes with offering handmade.  Any maker knows that feeling of vulnerability that comes with putting a price tag on something that you've put part of your self into.   There will always be people who think you're asking too much, and others who think you're asking too little, and don't hesitate in telling you so.  There are people who want to point out all the flaws on an item, and those who love every quirky imperfection.   

So, it is with a feeling of bravery that I enter the handmade marketplace again, and hope that it will be kind.   


  1. so pleased with your idea and I look forward to dropping by this coming week:)


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