Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello! Thanks monika for the better link, and Annette thank you saying hello, and also for going to the shop, verna, I'm glad you made it to the sale, I would love to have gone too. Here, I continue to use the iPad, since the power cord for the laptop is still missing in action. Would have just bought another one, but the last time I. Did that it was almost a hundred dollars, and I'm not too sure how much longer this laptop will be in use. However, I have been reading more of the user manual for the iPad, and have a couple of ideas about how to use it for photos. Apparently there is a little gizmo that I could get that plugs in and also has a place for the cameras SD card, to transfer the photos to the iPad. The camera on the iPad itself is mostly intended for FaceTime applications and is supposedly quite low resolution, however, for what I'm using it for I don't think that they need to be that high quality. More pressing is to figure out. How to get them from the album to the blog. Maybe that will be my project for today! I'm quite happy to report that. I finally got the licence plate for the car! It took about three days, and fourteen stops.

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