Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter wonders handmade market!

A few minutes ago I came upon the blog called flock and gather by Carole Epp in Saskatoon. It has info on a craft sale to be held this weekend at st Joseph's parish hall on 8 th st in Saskatoon. There are short descriptions of many craftspeople who will be selling there. It looks like a really nice assortment of things! I'm still finding it a challenge to post on the iPad, and am unable to create the link to the blog, but you can google it to get more info.


  1. Hi Michelle! I have the link to that blog down at the bottom of mine, in the "Cool Canadians" column, along with your blog of course :))))

    where do you live? ahhaha


  2. good morning Michelle
    sounds like the place to be for those last minute gifts.
    Just want ot say "Love your shop" I try to stop in when ever I get to the city
    Have a great one
    In stitches

  3. I went to the Craft sale today and it was excellent. I got several things but the vendors really thought it was funny when I said I heard about it from someone in Savannah!


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