Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Tybee,

 I was looking back over the photos I took of Tybee a few days ago, and wanted to share a few more of them, (laurel, you will like to visit here when you come!)
 It really is a big beach to be so empty,

 the waves come rolling in, making a bit of foam.  I like to see the colors that the water makes in the sand.

 This is a Semipalmated Plover, who is mch the same size as a sandpiper, but is present year round.
The wet sand is like a mirror,
 He is very!! fast.
 This shows the dunes at the edge of the beach
 Spaced along the shore there are several of these swings to sit in and contemplate the view,
 the sea oats,
 and of course, finishing up at the Gallery Espresso for a cappucino...
Christmas decorations are all over the place now,  this was the house by where I parked the car the other day when I was out shopping,

 I'll take my camera with me next time too, and try to take some photos of  some big houses in the historic districe.
And lastly, this is the gate at the Wormsloe plantation on Skidaway Island, with a big live oak.  Hopefully we will go visit there later this week.
Have a good new week!!

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  1. Yes, I would love to spend a day sitting on one of those swings, putting my feet in the water, watching and listening - on Tybee Island:) and of course a picnic lunch and a late afternoon stop at a coffee shop....


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