Friday, March 28, 2014

Art to Heart Basics

This is a group that we have in the shop, and I've been dipping into it quite a bit lately…
It's a basics group in that it doesn't have any strong focus fabrics, but a lot of really nice blender fabrics. The designer, Nancy Halvorson, has written a couple of books to go along with the grouping
This project is in the book called Table Please, Part One:
Then, just because the fabrics were so prettily sitting on my cutting table, I decided to use them in this pencil case, a project from another book called so gifts
I think I'm going to make this pencil case again, and this timeI will make the outside of it quilted.
I think I'll choose a different color for the wooden part of the pencil as well, since this one doesn't have enough of a contrast with the background gray fabric.
But I must say I do like the orange inside, especially as it contrasts with the bright blue zipper.
Oh yes back to the art to heart fabrics, I am currently sewing another project with them! However I will make a new post all about that another day...

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  1. i like the orange lining too - i've always favoured making a lining that jumps out at you! keeps things interesting!


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