Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Child play

It has been many weeks since I spent any time sewing, and so today I decided to make something simple and straightforward.  More than once I had admired some fabrics by Makower that have little birds and elephants and clouds on them, and I decided to make a Disappearing Nine patch baby quilt.  

I ended up using red for the centres of the nine patch blocks, and so they turned into the small squares.  
I tried laying out the blocks so that the red squares all faced the same direction, but it seemed to regulated for me.
So I went back to the first layout, but I moved things around so that all the animals in the big squares faced the same direction.
I think I will use a small border of red, and then a wider outer border.  I will have to go find those fabrics later since I only have the fabrics for the blocks right now. 
I think this might be one of those projects where the quilting design is important to add to the overall effect of the quilt, so I will have to put some thought into how to quilt it.  
At the post office, there was a nice display of art made by some local schoolchildren,


  1. Your kid's quilt turned out really nicely! Very cheery - something we need during the winter doldrums. And I could sure see the kids' pictures printed as a panel fabric. I'm still having a bit of a quilting dry spell but I'll get going eventually. :)

  2. i'm so glad i got a chance to drop into the new store yesterday! it's a lovely space and it will be fun to watch it evolve as everything finds its best spot! bonus? i got to see michelle!


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