Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday's Block, Many Roads, #15, plus #12

Saturday was the pick up day for Block # 15 of our Saturday surprise Sampler Program, It is called Many Roads:
I did in fact sew it, but I forgot to take a photo of it before I took it to the store.  
Speaking of forgetting,
I also forgot to post this on Feb 15th, it was block 12 for the Sticks and Stones Sampler Blocks:


  1. as a total aside - is anyone else as captivated as i am by the names of quilt blocks? i always marvel at them - and truthfully, sometimes i like the names better than the blocks!
    cheers - stay warm!

  2. Yes, I agree, Molly. Although I must admit to you, that sometimes I make up a new name for one, when I've changed it or can't find it in my Barbara Brackman encyclopedia of quilt blocks. Sometimes a block has 4 or 5 names, so I choose the one I like best

    1. and that's perfect! that's where the names came from in the first place - you are part of a marvelous and long tradition!


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