Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to some sewing

After spending the past two months renovating and moving and unpacking, I have finally spent a few days getting back to the best part, sewing.
I finished the disappearing nine patch kids quilt and it is at the shop as a sample for some kits.
Finally got the borders on the batik quilt I started eons ago, and it is being quilted by Margo,
Got intrigued by the idea of five inch squares.  I know, it doesn't take much some days.
I had a couple of charm packs of Honeysweet, by Fig Tree by moda.   I sewed connector corners on to two sides of the squares, and then combined four into one block. 
Some sashing, and now it's ready for a border.   
I'm thinking that I might be able to quilt it myself if its not too large, 


  1. i have no good excuse - no renovating, no packing, no moving - but oh dear - no sewing either! just got to get to it, i guess!
    mind you - your renovating, packing and moving were absolutely worth it - such a nice new space!

  2. looking good .... your sewing and the new shop ..... I had a quick peek last week and will have to stop in again. I am sure we will all love the new location and neighborhood. I may even try out that block with a couple of charm packs I have hanging around too.
    Take care in stitches

  3. Thanks, both of you, I really do like the neighbourhood!, lots of nice places close at hand,


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