Sunday, March 16, 2014

Store furnishings update

This is the bulletin board that I was working on the other day.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out,
The idea is that it supposed to look like a piece of looseleaf or lined paper.  I added a few photo transfer images that I had in my drawer,  the bottom left-hand image is from a children's picture book of Snow White,

I am constructing a ware cart.  It is made of wood and plumbers pipe.  There is still a bit more to add to it, but I have to crochet more pipe covers before I can add the other pieces.


  1. love the cart!

  2. the cart is looking very interesting ...we'll be watching to see the finished project.
    Hey I picked up my first Quilters Connections spring 2014.... and guess who I saw in there..... way to go Michelle and the whole staff at Periwinkle :0)
    in stitches


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