Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1930's quilt

I think that I have a condition called ADSD (attention deficit sewing disorder).  I can't seem to settle down to one project to work on.   Flo calls that "butterfly quilting",
I mentioned it to Patti and she said that it made for interesting reading, so try lack of focus was working for me, ha ha
The other day I thought I would forge ahead on the hand pieced hexagon quilt that I've had resting for a while.

 I did do some sewing on it for a day or two, but I was distracted by making some more letter tiles for garland.  
Then, cleaning up my sewing room, I came across another stack of vintage blocks I had gotten on the same day I purchased the hexie ones.... 
They have been hand pieces and then hand appliquéd to a plain background.  They measured about 13-1/2" square, I don't know the name of this design. Anybody out there know? 
It is so nice to look at the pretty vintage prints. Someone had a pretty good color sense  I think, to use the green and bright yellow so effectively.
I it seems that I have 17 of them.  I think that I washed them at some point. 
I decided to make some sort of alternate block to set them.  I really like to have lots of white in this sort of quilt that uses "1930's" fabrics. 
The block I decided on has eight petals arranged in an x across the background.  It was immediately obvious that this was not going to be hand appliquéd, so I got out my last treasured sheets of Steam-a-seam.  ( I will be very happy when they start selling it again)
I was able to cut out enough petals for about 12 blocks, so I fused petals on to 10 backgrounds to get started.  
Now I need to do a machine blanket stitch around all the edges.
I will have to explore other fusible web products to do the other blocks.
I think that right now I just want to make a big bed quilt.  We have a king size bed here, and there is only one quilt that is big enough for it.  I like it a lot, but it would be nice to have an alternate.
I guess that even if I sew all these blocks together I will have to add more borders to make it that big.  As for quilting, I'm not sure, but I'm leaning toward quilting it in sections.  If I knew a really good long arm quilter in Savannah, that would be an option too.  
Anybody else working on a king size quilt?


  1. working on a king-sized quilt? not in this lifetime! i have enough trouble finishing baby quilts and single bed quilts! (although i have done a couple of queen-sized...)

  2. I really like this - the original pattern as well as how you are setting it. I've been reading a few books on the "deep south" during the 1800's and so am intrigued by the fabric being from the 1930's and try to place it within the cultural picture of that time.

    1. Thanks, I like to get a running start when making a king size quilt! What books are you reading?

  3. Gorgeous fabrics, Michelle!

    It's funny that you call it attention-deficit - you seem to get so much done!!

    1. Thanks Carly, actually I settled down into doing the blanket stitch, and I felt happy to just do some mindless machine stitching,

  4. No king-sized quilts here (yet). But if you lay my UFOs together they would probably make a good sized tent, lol! Glad to hear you're enjoying machine stitching. I need to do a bit of that too. p.s. got my new saddle today! :)


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