Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nancy's Receiving blanket kits

Babies are so amazing, and there are so many of them these days!  It seems that you always need a present on hand for a newborn.   
Receiving blankets are quick and easy to make, and the baby will need several, so that's a good choice.  The easiest of course is to just get a length of flannel and turn under all the edges, and it's nice to have a few of these.  
  One style that has been really popular lately is the two-sided square version that has mitered  corners. It's a bit more substantial than the one layer sheet version. 
Nancy has sewn up a sample using flannel and minkee, so it is a bit of a cross between areceiving blanket and a quilt.  
It is very soft and snuggly!

You can also make a lighter version by using a lighter cotton in place of the minke, or two pieces of flannel.  
Lately we have received a lot of new flannel fabrics, including the new Kate and Birdie line  from moda in brushed cotton, which is a bit lighter than flannel,
It includes a faux pieced fabric too, 
So seriously cute! I love those little ships,

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  1. oh yes! i am a firm believer in either having one of these made up and on hand or at least the wherewithal to make one - so pretty, so useful...and i really love that faux pieced yardage....guess i'll see you later! hee hee!


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