Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wool letter tiles for garland

Yesterday morning I found myself sorting out my stash a bit.  Things had gotten a bit messy, as they do when you just keep pulling things out to use and then not putting them away.  
So I resorted  and stacked into rough categories.  I don't have much space here in Savannah, and so I didn't break things down into their individual colors...
But it does feel much more manageable,

I have been persisting in making more letter tiles, this time with wool embroidery,
Doesn't everybody have a case full of pretty colored floss?
I love when I get to use my handstitching threads
I made them pretty much the same way I did the fabric ones the other day, except for the letter part, I just used a disappearing ink pen to mark out letters on the 4 inch circles
I had two kinds of wool, one was the woven wool yardage that you shrink yourself, by washing it in hot water and drying it in the dryer. The other was a commercial wool felt that was composed of pressed together fibers,
The woven felt was much more easy to stitch through, although it was a little bit darker in color. the other "woolfelt" had quite a bit of resistance to pulling the needle through. However I was using six strands of floss so that's quite a thick amount of thread to be pulling through. I think I've done embroidery on it before and didn't notice that it was hard to needle through.
Can you guess what phrase I was making the letters for?
It is a question that was supposed by Silke on her blog the other day
I agreed that this is a really good question to ask yourself quite often. So now I have it hanging above my cutting table in my sewing room just to keep me on my toes
If you had a garland hanging above your sewing table, what would it say?


  1. 'if not now, then when?" or perhaps, since that's a bit long - 'if not now...'


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