Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ongoing hexies

Although I like the quick projects, I do have a few long term projects on the go.  One of these is a hand pieced hexagon quilt.  It began with a pile of vintage partially peiced blocks that I bought at a quilt show.  I started adding to it last year, and this is my progress so far, 
I think that I will add six more of the "flowers",
That will give a square unit, 
So I cut out six more sets of solids for the third round on each flower,
I'll also nee 26 more black and white joining triangle units.  It will be exciting to start joining the larger units together.

I thought that the letter garland I made was looking a bit somber with a bit too many dark colors.  
I changed the ribbon to a lighter color, 
Then I decided to make some more happy looking tiles, 
I need to get some more bright coloured thread.   Also, I want to make some that incorporate some hand embroidery...
Lots of things to try!


  1. there's never any lack of projects! there's the 'must-do' projects, the 'i would like to try' projects and the 'bolt of lightning from your imagination' projects (these are the ones that make you drop everything and race to your machine!) but no matter what projects you have on hand, it's invaluable to have one on-going project that you can pick up and work on just for pure delight! have a good weekend!

    1. I like your categorization of projects, the bolt of lightning ones--the ones you plan in your head while falling asleep, the ones you want to make when you see a friends project, ...


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