Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garage sale!

Today At the store we had a great idea to make the garage sale  table. So we used one in the back area,  and put lots of stuff on it.  Lots of odds and ends. We are going out of punch needle stuff.  So all about is there, lots of patterns, we didn't really go through the books much yet, will have to keep adding things as the days go by. Yesterday we put lots of nice fabrics into the half price section too, 

If you have time, pop in and see if there's anything you want! 


  1. if you are in the area do pass by some of the great deals on that table .... I know I brought home a few myself :)
    in stitches

  2. ....and that half price wall looks very tempting!!!

  3. Sad and glad. I am glad I am too far away to be tempted especially since there is no place to sew and sad because there are some interesting fabrics there. Sorry it didn't work out to get together perhaps next time I am in town. linda


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