Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jelly belly quilt by Zen chic

Once in a while I find a pattern that I really want to make. This pattern company called send sheik has lots of patterns I really want to make. One of them is called jelly belly quilt.
I'm even using the same fabrics that are on the pattern cover, how often does that happen?
These are some of the piece that I cut from the strips just laid out to see their colors.
And here I am matching the fabrics that will go together for each of the blocks.
It's quite a modern style of design and I think it will be just lovely!
These are some of her other patterns. Who knows which one i will make next. I still have a layer cake of this same fabric in my stash!
I'm really tempted by this one. Especially since my friend said that the pattern looks like a zen symbol where they cross their hands.

Isn't the machine quilting on this one beautiful?
Simple but very effective.
I've already sewn one ex and  pluses block quilt so I guess I won't do this one.

Just amazing.


  1. Love the Zen Chic patterns. So far I have You Rule (working at that one) and the Jelly Belly. Would love to get the Clarity and White Labyrinth someday too.

  2. I, too, have admired the Zen Chic patterns. Some of them are on my list (a very long list, mind you) of "someday quilts" to make. That is, if I can ever get past baby quilts! I'm getting itchy to start on a grown-up quilt sometime soon.


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