Thursday, August 8, 2013

Website is Updated!

I'm feeling quite exhausted proud of myself tonight.  I spent a few hours (!!!) updating the shop's website with

1. new data on the classes for the fall,  here. 
This is exciting because Sandy has a couple of new options planned for you! check out the link to find out what....

2. The dates for the autumn's new Saturday Surprise Sampler blocks, here,   which again is exciting because we decided on a colorway, -- "Neutrals" which I promise will be more exciting than it's name might lead you to believe

3.  I added a new section with the information for our Quilt Retreat, which will take place in November, at Shekinah lodge, about 40 minutes north of Saskatoon.  You can read more about that here

These are all important events for us at the store, and another important event, if you're marking your calendar, is in October, on the 24, 25 and 26th, for the Saskatoon Quilter's Guild Show.  This year their theme is called "Fanning the Flames" which sounds quite dramatic.  It will be interesting to see how that will be interpreted in some quilts...  I am personally quite looking forward to it!


  1. WOW Michelle - that was a lot of work. BIG pat on the back just organizing all the info & updating. WOW great classes too!! Sweet.

    SHEKINAH sounds amazing.

    1. thanks Monika, it is a job that I just have to wade through. And the website is an area where I just feel daunted-- it never works the way you think it should, and takes about three times longer than you think it will. but maybe I should just keep at it more, until it gets easier..
      Also, the quilt Retreat is something I really look forward to. It is so nice to get to spend more time with some of the great quilters that we meet through the shop!

  2. The website looks wonderful! Excited about the modern quilting classes! And the SSS blocks. And Shekinah! Great things are happening!


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