Friday, August 23, 2013

Machine quilting

I've been working away at the quilt that I'm sewing with Parson Gray fabrics, and I'm pretty happy with the machine quilting in the main part of the quilt.  I just made diagonal lines across each of the rectangles and then filled them in  with back-and-forth sort of S-shaped loops.

now I have some pretty wide borders to fill in. I'm wondering how to fill them with the same density of quilting without repeating the loop design that I used in the center.
I also decided that I better get busy sewing the binding on some of the quilts I've had stacked up, waiting to be completed.  This morning I was working on one that has a batik backing.  I really like the dark blue binding against the pink and orange,


  1. The Parson Grey quilt is looking great! Did you use the Jelly Belly pattern with it? And I love that batik backing fabric....just need a quilt top to match....kind of like buying the shoes first and then the dress, lol!

  2. This one turned out so great! I loved seeing it last weekend.


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