Monday, January 6, 2014

Dottie, quilted

Remember this one? 
It is now quilted and awaiting the binding, 
It turned out to be a lot do fun to quilt!
It was about the largest size that I can do on my home sewing machine.
It was made easier by quilting it in vertical rows-- that way there was no turning of the quilt, as I just moved from top to bottom,
First I did a lot of vertical straight lines with the walking foot, and in the sashing spaces I used a loop de loop
In each of the columns of blue octagons I used a different filler design
Cross hatch
Wavy lines
Back and forth
Connected square mazes
Figure eights
Line of leaves (sorry about blurry photo)
No name pattern
I love the backing fabric!
Most of the filler designs I found in my trusty book by Angela Walters


  1. lovely! such a good start to a new year!

  2. Great quilt! And a really versatile pattern. Love the colours....

  3. Love this! I wish you would do do the quilting on all my quilts! I really do need to just buckle down, fight me fear, and just learn to do this. *sigh*


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