Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mini Charm Pack Idea

If you're like me, you find those little mini charm packs irresistible.
 42 little 2-1/2" squares, all stacked in a neat little pack...
I always have an eye out for what to do with them, and I just saw a great project on the moda Bake Shop blog: here
I especially like the cushion on the left, it would be easy to make it into a baby quilt:
you can press on the link above to take you to the directions,
Actually, I really like the one on the right too....


  1. lol! I loved this pattern too! I even printed it off the website for future use and reference. The mini-charms make great little gifts too!

  2. hmmmm....i seem to have several of these in my 'collection'....good to have a concrete idea of what to do with them - you know, something other than 'hey! i could totally do something with these!'

    1. Yeah Molly and making a cushion cover is a pretty approachable project, ha ha


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