Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well this is me in a hotel in Chicago, we're here for a few days for Richard to attend a conference
It is pretty overcast and dreary and slushy
Yesterday I went in several stores, not to shop for stuff, but to look at their displays and fixtures!  Yes, my brain is accumulating a bulliten board of ideas for our new store space!
I am looking forward to picking up the keys when I get back to Saskatoon and just spending some time in the space, getting a feel for the size and the possibilities! 
One thing is for sure, those rows of lights have got to go!


  1. what a daunting prospect! but exciting, too! looking forward to seeing it all done...

  2. new space??? I have been away too long!!! Where are you moving? Wow, Michelle, I feel really out of the loop! How exciting though!


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