Monday, January 13, 2014

Milagros embroidery and New Classes

Yesterday I started an embroidery that is all in backstitch, (with just a few french knots). 
 I was inspired by the work of Yumiko Higuchi,
you can see lots of her stuff on her Pinterest boards, here
She seems to cover a whole piece of fabric with motifs, like this:
and then either frame it or use the fabric to make another item: such as these bags:
So, I drew out some motifs onto one of my fat quarters of Essex Linen, using a blue ink pen that disappears when it gets wet.  

 I had about 4 hours yesterday to stitch, so I was able to get a pretty good start on it.

Sometimes in redwork embroidery you use backstitch for more detailed pictures, and stem stitch when you want a heavier line, 
Anyway, the way of having the motifs randomly spread out over the surface reminded me of Milagros, the little motifs that many south americans use for prayer.  they sometimes fix them to a cross or a heart, as reminders of what to pray for,

The back of the piece, for whoever is interested......


As I was stitiching, I started to  think that it would be lots of fun to have a class at the store based on embroidery stitches!  (My mind is in overdrive right now as I am thinking of our new store space).  
It's been about 4 years since we had a whole variety of classes, since we just haven't had a dedicated space for a classroom.  However, in our new space there is a full basement (2000sq.ft!) and surely we will carve out a large sewing room.  So, now my brain is churning about what sort of classes we might offer.....  If there is something you've been hankering to take a class in, let me know!!


  1. aha! now i know what 'milagros' are! i like these embroideries (both yours and her's) very much...almost like train of thought writing...
    my embroidery skills suck - guess i'd better do more so they will improve!

  2. Count me in if you have an embroidery class!

  3. Your embroidery looks fantastic. I have enjoyed embroidery and hope to do more some day but as it is, I have enough trouble making progress with quilting. Honestly, work SO interferes with the important stuff!

  4. I would be very interested in a class. Donna Cole.


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