Monday, May 12, 2014

A simple bag

Another handbag, but an unlined one this time. 

It is from the same book that I have mentioned  Strolling Along Paths of Green, , by Yoko Saito.
Looks pretty much the same as in the book, right? Just made from a  different style of fabrics.  Oh yes and no appliqué,
In the book she recommends that you make a practice copy out of muslin or just plain fabric to get the hang of how the bag is sewn, since it is not a typical construction method.
This is a good idea. It was a little tricky, but it wasn't hard. I think it could be tweaked to make bags in different sizes.
This show a water bottle on to so you can get a sense of the scale,
And here it is folded up, so it could be taken shopping! 
I don't think it's big enough to contain library books because of the size of the opening. It might be okay to fit in a magazine, since the magazine would be flexible.
I sort of want to make another one.
this handbag stuff is sort of addictive.


  1. now THIS one, i have seen - and i have actually made an eejit, i thought 'those instructions can't possibly be right - i'll tweak them.....' hee hee! proves once again that when making the first one, follow the instructions!

    1. Oh Molly, i have been there and done that. Now I tend to actually read the instructions as well as just look at the diagrams! Wisdom, comes from experience.

    2. and yet i wrinkle my nose when my husband won't read the instructions for assembling furniture.. i need to discard my double-standard here!

  2. this is a neat idea and one I'd like to try…


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