Monday, May 12, 2014

The handbag continues,

Over the weekend I got a lot of time to work on my handbag. Richard had left on Friday to go to a conference and doesn't get home until tonight so I've been on my own and doing whatever I feel like when I feel like. And what I felt like doing is making my handbag.
I decided to make this handbag from the Yoko Saito book called Strolling along paths of green.
I mentioned in my last post how I had appliquéd the front panel. Then I decided to keep to the pattern design and add the little leaves around the outer border, Even though the fabrics I was using are quite different than those pictured in the book.
I auditioned two different sizes and decided on the smaller size to fit well within the outer edge, because I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't lose the ends of them into the seam allowances.
There was no way I was going to hand appliqué such tiny pieces so I used fusible web to attach them.
I used machine blanket stitch to go around all the edges.
I did spend some time and embroidering the little stem and white berries.
I decided to do hand quilting all around the cat faces.
I wasn't sure what to quilt in the background, so I ended up just doing some almost vertical lines.
For the back panel I really liked the combination of the brown and white lattice fabric and the cat fabric so I just reversed the placement of the fabrics from that used on the front.  
Lots of echo quilting around the panel, and I used the lines on the brown fabric as a guide for the pumpkinseed design.
The interior lining is pretty bright fabric, this is a photo showing the gusset being attached.
It wasn't too hard to sew these pieces together. 
Then I went around each side panel and attached binding to cover the raw edges of the seams.
A couple of handles later and turned inside out, and voilà a new handbag.
You know how you always critique something after you're finished making it?
I am now resisting the urge to tell you the different things I would do next time, and will just enjoy having it finished.


  1. That is truly adorable! I love anything with cats (or dogs, or horses!) Great job!

  2. smashing! i'm going to have to get that book....

  3. Very cute! Love how the shape of the cats' heads on the print echoes the shape of the bag!

  4. Just love it!! You're adaptation is even better than the original in my humble opinion. Thank you for sharing. Just curious....what would you do different?? It looks like longer straps would be nice?? So grateful for Tamarack Shack mentioning your site. Have enjoyed looking at all your work.


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