Thursday, May 22, 2014

cutter quilt project, placemats

A couple of years ago we used 1930s reproduction fabrics as one of the colorways for our Saturday surprise sampler blocks.  At that time i sewed some pieced blocks from my scraps thinking I would make a baby quilt.  
When I sewed the units together it didn't really excite me. So, I just folded it 
up and put it away. I think that I would have liked it more if there had been more white in it.

A few days ago I pulled it out and looked at it again, wondering what else I could use it for,
One possibility was to turn it into a cushion cover, just by folding it in half horizontally to make a large cushion.   It measures about 30" x 35"
I decided to quilt it while I was still thinking about possibilities. I just sewed a series of vertical lines over the top.
I folded it around a pillow to get an idea of what it would look like as a cushion, but I decided against that.
In the end I cut it into four main pieces, with a little bit left over down the center, in order to make placemats.  Of course I still had lots of scraps so I used them for binding.
Here are the two that I have finished selwing the binding around.
Of course I still have that little leftover strip,  Who knows what I could use it for in the future


  1. a napkin ring for each placemat

  2. how pretty and nice to use on a summer's day…

  3. i have a number of projects (both knitted and quilted) sitting in the naughty corner, waiting to find themselves - it's good to have another idea of how to use them...sometimes my thinking just gets so darn linear...

    1. You know, it's funny that I can have dozens of sewing projects on the go, but generally have only one knitting one at a time (except for one UFO that has been dormant about three years,)


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