Monday, May 12, 2014

Cutter Quilts

I was talking to someone the other day and was surprised when she didn't know what I meant by the term "cutter quilts".
This is just a quilt that you cut up and use for something else.
Usually it is a very worn quilt that has big holes in it, or a stain on it so that you can't use it as a blanket any more.

 The whole idea is summed up by this: when you want to makesomething, (such as a pillow, handbag, brooch, wall hanging,Christmas stocking, stuffed animal, garland,  .... )
instead of starting from scratch with new fabrics, get a jump start by using part of an old project.  

I bought these Christmas stockings a few years ago. 
you can see how frayed they are in places,

but you can also see what beautiful hand quilting there is on them too...

In the last year I've extended the pool of possible cutter quilts.  I now include finished projects that just didn't live up to my hopes, finished projects that will never realistically be done, and items that I have tried to give away but nobody wants.

I think that maybe it can be better to re-vamp a quilt, or use it as fodder for a new project than to let it just gather dust in a stack in a cupboard. Because I do have a few of those projects.

I also have a few places where I have stashed some unfinished items.  these aren't ufo's, really, but are things such as orphan blocks, ones that were just left over from a project, or sewn as test blocks to check out sizes, or even a few blocks I sewed just to see what they looked like.  I don't want to make a whole quilt from them.  But I don't want to just throw them away either!  I do give most of these things to our group that sews quilts to give to good causes, but some of them I've still hung on to.

One person who really uses old worn out quilts well is Mandy Patullo.  I've followed her blog now and then over the past few years,
Quite often, she uses a fragment of an old quilt as a base on which to applique, or embroider,
photo from the Thread and Thrift blog
photo from the Thread and Thrift blog
Aren't they inspiring?
Makes you look at your undos in a new way, 


  1. lovely idea! wasting such labour really bothers me...i've done the same thing with bits of knitting as well - made some gorgeous bags from unfinished sweaters, tea cozies from botched felting experiments....waste no, want not?

    1. Yes, I like the wool conversions too, although I don't end up with so many of those,


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