Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fancy Dish!

I fused the petals to the blocks that I needed to complete my large quilt. 
I had been referring to it as my Dresden plate quilt, but had asked if anyone knew of a name for the block.  This morning, amateur sleuth Patti came through and sent me this
So now it is to be referred to as my Fancy Dish quilt.
The green is called jadeite green.
Here are the alternate blocks on my design wall showing what it would look like if the quilt was made up of just this block.   Quite pretty I think. I seem to have miscalculated the number of petals I needed so I have about 40 leftovers
In the mean time I started quilting the central panel of the quilt.
The background behind each Dresden plate /Fancy Dish! is getting a different quilting pattern for each section.
II quilted in the ditch around each of the petals in the diagonal chain
Here we have a woodgrain
This one has connected rectangles
And a good standby, the feathered wreath
I quite like this one it's columns of stripes with little petals off to each side.
This is the edge of the central panel, so I'm just quilting up to near the edge of it. Later I'll add to the quilt and connect up the quilting at that time 
Molly, this is the only way I could imagine quilting a project as big as this one.  This central panel is only three blocks wide but seven or eight blocks high, so it's quite tall but only 39 inches wide.  I will take photos of the process as I go, 


  1. I was about to let you know that I'd found it as well. It was on this blog, which talked about a book with that block on the cover.


    1. thank you, I will look up this link, see how they set their blocks!


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