Monday, May 26, 2014

Fabric basket

Have you seen the fabric baskets that people have been making lately?  they are so cute, and quite useful too!
these ones are from

Sometimes they have handles, as in the photo above, Sometimes they have a folded over top edge.  they can be tall or short, and rounded or square,.
I decided to use some orphan blocks I had made some time ago.  
I had 4 blocks that finished at about 8 inches. 

 I just sewed them into a row, and quilted it, using soft and stable as the batting.  Then I joined them into a tube.
  I made a bottom square the same size, and sewed it to the bottom edge of the blocks, 

 To make a stiffer bottom, I covered a piece of timtex and placed it in the bottom
When I quilted the blocks, I used linen as the backing fabric, and cut it wider at the top edge.  That  way I just rolled it down over the front edge of the blocks to self-bind the top edge.  
Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the process when I was sewing it,

I have been using the basket, and it is quite handy!  It is a good size to keep a knitting project in. 
As usual, making it has made me think of what I'll do for the next one, 
As a sidenote.  I am working my way through my stack of orphan blocks, and abandoned projects,  which feels pretty good. 


  1. I do like this! and it seems like it was a pleasant and satisfying experience. Beauty and utility combined.

  2. I like your baskets too. There are ones in the Sunday Morning Quilts book that I want to make. Guess I'll give up on sleep, lol!

  3. one of the projects in my queue is to make a couple of fabric baskets to help corral some of the smaller books the grandbabies read. probably the only way i'll get them done is by following patti's lead and giving up sleep! hee hee!

  4. love your basket! And great use of orphan blocks too.
    I keep one of these baskets on my cutting table and just throw the scraps in as I work.

  5. thank you, It is really quite useful, and light,which is good. It also is quite flexible, and that's why it's coming with me in the car on our trip tomorrow. It is holding my knitting project,


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