Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dyeing Wool

 The other day I was dying some wool for the shop, because we had no greens. None at all.  So i dyed many shades of green , and then a few dark orange and coral, until I ran out of yardage:

  Funny how they seem to be very much like the shades found in my orchid!
 I also experimented in dying some wool yarn that I had on hand:

 It was quite a lot of fun.  I rolled them into balls and now I'm trying to think of something to make with them.

 I'm planning to go back to Savannah in the next few days -- Hurray!!  I've got Georgia on my Mind!
Tomorrow will be filled with errands, and hopefully getting the house painting and caulking finished.  We painted most of what needed doing ourselves, until our energies gave out.  Now our friendly and helpful neighbor is finishing the high parts and fascias.  I am so glad that he was willing to help out.  The house is looking pretty spiffy for being over 100 years old!!


  1. Yes, we can all find infinite inspiration in nature. You did a good job with the yellow. I have heard that it is hard to get a nice yellow as it can overpower or blurr.

  2. ooooooh!


    SO PRETTY! I need to try out my dye now.
    : )

    thanks for linking up Michelle!

  3. Wow! That is certainly luscious colourways. I have so got to get organized (disciplined) so I can 'do it all'!

  4. Gorgeous! I live in Pendleton, OR, home of the Pendleton Wool company, and have been itching (pun totally intended) to play with wool for a while now. Unfortunately they only sell their wool roving and the bulk of all the fun crafty stuff in Portland, 3-4 hours West of here :-(. What a neat website you have there!

  5. such lovely colours!! happy travels...


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