Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Surprise Blocks for Sept 24th

The second block of the year is called Silver Maple.  I'm not sure where I saw this block, but I loved it on sight.  I think that it looks like maple leaves, and I love the way they interlock when you put blocks next to each other.
Also, I'm not sure if I ever explained properly about the applique blocks.  Each year we put out 20 pieced 12-inch blocks.  They never use applique or paper-piecing in them.  However, this year, as something new to try, I decided to offer some companion applique blocks.  They will use the same 2 groups of fabrics, and also finish at 12 inches.  They are the same price as the pieced blocks, $5.50 when you pick them up from the store, or $6.50 mailed out.  They are available at the same time as the odd-numbered pieced blocks-- so that the 1st block, Crossed Tulips was out on Sept 10th, and the 2nd applique block will be available on October 8th alongside the third pieced block.  I hope this makes it all clearer!

This was the first applique block:
I'm hoping to do needle-turn applique on the 1930's fabric blocks, and fusible/machine applique with the etchings ones.   Hope I can keep up. 

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