Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP wednesday

I'm making progress.. yesterday I quilted the little baby quilt size of the new pattern I wrote called "Fallingwater".  This morning I finished sewing on the binding, so that's all done!
 I put minkee fleece on the back, which makes it really soft for a little person.  The quilting is all straight lines using a walking foot.
 I'm also ready to add another round to this quilt, which has no name yet. 
 the next round will be the grey and the coral colored squares again,
 I'm adding sections as I go, so that the quilting will be more manageable.
 I'm tempted to make it up in another colorway...
I'm coming along on cutting down the number of works in progress that I have.  Partly this is by finishing some projects, but mostly it's by giving away some projects to the Serendipity group.  I'd like to have fewer things sitting on my shelves and more things out in the world being used.
Do you give away a lot of your quilts? If so, to who? 
This is the link to the Needle and Thread Network WIP round-up  here.

 It is number 80 this week!  
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  1. Oh I love the quilted white spaces sooo much! Very cool idea to add on as you go. I'll have to remember that trick! The Falling Water quilt is lovely too, and the minute I read about the soft squishy backing I thought OH I WANT ONE LIKE THAT. ;p

  2. i stand in awe of all you have accomplished this last while! i'm drifting in the doldrums right now and can't even finish my toast in the morning, let alone a project! but baby steps, baby steps...every line sewn is progress, right?
    keep up the good work! cheers

  3. I see your getting those sneaky say nothing in particular promotional comments from Anonymous...
    But other than that, I really like your quilts and the way your colours in each round progress. Such a wonderful classic idea updated to modern colours!

  4. Thanks for linking Michele! :) most of my quilts are for my family as gifts. : )


  5. Wow, your work is just beautiful... glad you linked up to TN&TN


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