Saturday, March 2, 2013

Block 13, Reflected Mountains

Today we have a new block called Reflected Mountains,
I hope you're having a nice weekend,
It's been a lovely day here, with snow starting to melt!  Hope we don't get another snowfall.


  1. this is a beautiful pattern! 'delectable mountains' has always been one of favorite quilt square names and yet i have no idea what it looks like! i think i'm afraid to check it out just in case it doesn't look as nice as it fact, i may just start calling 'reflected mountains' 'delectable mountains'!

  2. This is such a cool block! Val and I were talking about it at the shop yesterday. It would make another great quilt top if you put 6 across and then started another row but changed the accent colour and continued down until you had 7 or 8 different rows with different colours....ah so much fabric so little time! ;)

    1. that is a good idea, or you could put the color in the third black row down instead,


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