Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ribbon Bracelets

One of the things that you can easily make with ribbon is a bracelet.
The ones I have pictured here are really simple.   The ends of the ribbon are just crimped inside these metal ends called ribbon crimps.  They are open a bit when you get them, and you just hold the ribbon in the area, and crimp the metal closed with some pliers.  then you add a couple of jump rings and a simple clasp and your bracelet is ready to wear!

 The green and white one is just one piece of ribbon.  ( I find that about 5" or 5-1/2" is a good length, since the metal pieces add a bit of length, but you might need to fine tune that to your needs)
The narrow one is a piece of pink velvet ribbon stitched on to a piece of wool:
 For this one, I stitched the green and white ribbon on to a piece of wool, and use a clip on earring from a thrift store as added ornamentation:
Of course you could add stitching or embroidery, or beads, or.....

If you can't find a ribbon crimp end, (yes, we have them at the store, I ordered some in because they can be hard to find,  but not the closures, you can usually find them easily at a bead store), you could make a cuff with a button closure as an alternative. 


  1. Ooh! You ordered ribbon crimps? Lovely!

  2. Ahhhh! I wish I had popped by yesterday and picked up some crimps! I'll have to stop in on Thursday. These are awesome! I just came into a whole bunch of ribbon, and this would be super fun to try!

  3. ! I was shopping last night and spied that pretty sage green ribbon bracelet. I said to Arwen, "oooh I bet Michelle made this!" : ) NICE. You are SO creative! : )))

    ps- your store is closed today, but do you sell linen backing for hooking? I didn't look....

    Happy melt-down Michelle!


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