Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another bag

The "internal metal purse frames" arrived, and so now we have them in three sizes at the store.  I know how hard it is to figure out how to use them, so I wanted to include an instruction sheet with each one.  So, of course i thought that I needed to take a few more photos of the process.  That meant making another bag.  Of course.
I decided to make this one rather long, but shallow, with the idea of it holding knitting needles. 

 I had been wanting to use this really great Joel Dewberry decorator fabric that is pink and white and red.  I happened to have some red and white ribbon on hand as well.  And of course black and lime green always add to a project!

 I used a layer of batting quilted to the outside fabric, and a layer of iron on interfacing to the lining to give the bag a bit of body.  Of course I took lots of photos on how to put the lining and the outside together, with the fabric channel to hold the metal tube.  You sew around the top edges and turn the thing inside out through a gap you leave in the side seam of the lining. 
After all that, I didn't end up using the new photos in the instruction sheet.

But it does hold knitting needles pretty well.


  1. That looks like such a great bag! Thanks Michelle!

  2. looking forward to trying this out!
    i may have a knitting needle or two floating around here....


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