Friday, March 1, 2013

Giveaway Prize Winners!

We were running a giveaway with the closing time of last night, so these are the lucky slips that got pulled out of the draw bins!

First up are the Blog groupings, where you just had to leave a comment to enter: (thank you to all of you who left a comment!)

 Group A: Oh Deer---Ev.pie (36th comment)
Group B: A Walk in the Woods: Molly! (comment 12)
Group C: Kansas Troubles: Karen H, comment 15
Next, the groupings that were at the store, where you put your name in the jars---again, thank you for coming in and entering!
Group 1: the Owls, by Stof fabrics,  Debbie c

Group 2: another owl grouping, Laurie
Group 3, Oh Deer, Brenda
Group 4: Sew Stitchy, Edith
Group 5:Kansas Troubles, Judy L
Group 6: Taupe, Grey white and black group: Robin H

Congratulations to all the winning entries.  We will either email you, or phone you to arrange getting the fabrics to you, ---I hope you have fun using them! 


  1. WOOO YAY Molly! if you never get around to using that fabric... hehhehe kdding.
    : )

    1. sorry monika! not gonna happen! hee hee!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you Michelle for such a great give away!

  3. OHIAMSOEXCITED! thank you, thank you so much! the planning and plotting begins!
    (just a little bit excited, can you tell? hee hee!) thanks michelle!


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