Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Day,

it is an absolutely perfect day in Savannah in terms of weather.
 So it is bittersweet to be leaving tomorrow to go to Saskatoon tomorrow.  Sweet though because I'm looking forward to seeing all the people there.  I Have done the blocks and most of the patterns for the final Saturday Surprise Samplers though, and liked one of them enough to sort of play with the design a bit more,
(again with the strange lighting in the sewing room)

I had resolved to make smaller projects, like table runners, but I think this might turn into a baby quilt.  I had started with the two patterned fabric blocks but they got way too busy for my liking. So I made a few with just one pattern and white.  They seem to be a lot calmer, so I might scrap the busy ones.  However, I'll just put this project on hold for a while.
On thursday I'll be seeing a fabric rep and ordering a big chunk of fabrics for the fall months, so if there's any thing you really are hoping to see, let me know!  I.e. styles, colors, designer-- no guarantees but I'll keep any suggestions in mind.  I'll also be on the lookout for fabrics to use for the new Saturday Sampler blocks for the fall, so again, I would welcome any suggestions for how to go with that...
Well, I'm looking forward to shrimp and grits tonight!
Take care, m


  1. oh - i think a baby quilt counts as a smaller project! and - since you so kindly asked! - i am always on the lookout for fabric with cats (the ones you got this year were grand!), writing and that look like knitted stitches (having fun with the ones in the monkey suite!).
    well - you asked!
    hope you enjoyed your shrimp and grits (are they something like cream of wheat? with butter or cheese?)

    1. Thanks Molly, I asked cause I want to know! I personally like ones with writing on too, and I hope they have a bunch,
      Grits are like white corn meal but ground a little more coarse, and they are really versatile to use, like rice is. I'm happy to report that these ones were scrumptious, with yes, cheese and cream mixed in,

  2. Here is my wish list:
    Gypsy Caravan Stash - Amy Butler
    Lilly Belle by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics
    Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille - Moda
    Pezzie Prints, American Jane - Moda
    Kaffe Classics reds, blues, etc


  3. Thanks patti, I will pre-investigate these on line, it is Susan who is coming and she has the moda stuff,


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