Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Flock and Gather" Craft Sale

If you live in or near to Saskatoon, you might have gone to this craft sale yesterday or on Friday.  It is a group of craft/art people who have occasional sales at the St.Joseph's Hall on Broadway Ave.  I was so glad to be able to pop in and take a quick tour around, because I picked up some really nice stuff.
Of course I will tell you what I got!
 Some really cute little baby slippers from boolah baguette (aka Erin Weiss)

These really nice linen coasters, 

These really lovely ceramic pieces by a Saskatoon potter named Cathy Terepocki.  My friend Wendy had told me about her stuff some time ago, so I was really pleased to come upon it.  I just did a google search and found that she has a website,  here     if you would like to see more of her work! (I will go read up on the site as soon as I finish this post!)
 The pendant is about an inch across,
 This artist, Shauna Buck had some charming prints, and had them transferred onto other items as well as selling some wall prints.  I don't think you can see very well from this photo, but the earrings have pictures of paper airplanes on them.
 (p.s. Molly, there is a little button waiting for you at the shop!)
 And if you like wool things, I'm sure you would have not been able to pass by these felt buttons by Heike Fink!  You can read more about her and see some more of her work on her Etsy profile by pressing here.
It was a really nice mix of offerings, with jewellery,some beautiful soaps, some other clay work,  original designed garments, other sewn items, handmade books and some metal silhouettes, and possibly other things that I am forgetting.
What struck me about this sale is how well some of the vendors were marketing their product.  Effective displays, and very good tags with contact information and appealing to the eye. 
 I will try to keep track of when the next one will be...


  1. i haven't been (yet) to any of the flock and gather shows, but i have heard unfailingly good reports of them. beautiful product (i heard about a yarn creator this time...), marvelous display, friendly people, and did i mention beautiful product?
    i guess i will just have to go to the next one! that much creativity and talent in one place - wow!
    and thank you for thinking of me! i will come in probably tuesday, this week. but YOU MUST NOT LET ME BUY MORE FABRIC! please? hee hee!

  2. Hi - so I followed through the link to Cathy Terepocki and found info on month long 'residencies' for potters at
    I also enjoyed the show/sale and chats with various artists.

  3. Welcome home Michelle! You arrived just in time for the snow! Thanks for the invite to Customer Appreciation. I will likely stop in because I'm starting a new project and I'm always happy to take advantage of a discount! See you Saturday!

    1. Hi Denise, thank you! although the snow was something I've been trying to ignore. Make sure you come and identify yourself on Saturday! I hope it will be a fun day! m

  4. Oh hello! I am one of the members of Flock and Gather - thanks for all the market love! Just wanted to let you know that you can follow along on our blog ( to keep up with information for the upcoming shows. Our next one is December 7&8 in the same location. We also have an email list to keep people informed. Thanks!


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