Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring in Saskatchewan

A few days ago, I was driving in the countryside north west of Saskatoon, and there were definite spring sights to be seen.
the view through the car windshield -- this is big sky country!
the path of last year's combine still visible on the field

a typical grid road leading to someone's farm
lots of water alongside the road,

interesting color combinations of gold, steel blue, and charcoal
and pussywillows
whether it's willow or dogwood, the branches add a touch of russet red
the blurry white things are geese touching down on their journey north, there were a few fields like this
what we call a "slough"
here you can see the industries of farming and oil production co-existing
and I saw a few fields with stacks of railway ties, as big as apartment buildings.  They are ripping out the rail road line.
 and that is a small tour of western-central Saskatchewan when the snow is gone.  


  1. oh - don't we live in a beautiful place? such subtle colours - for now! it's raining this morning and think that the next couple of days will see that marvelous green haze around the trees and then the EXPLOSION of green!
    spring on the prairies! just can't beat it - it almost makes the winter worth it! hee hee!

    ps I did find green yesterday! : )
    Up all night from the crazy fierce spring prairie winds... lol


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