Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Stock taking

Having rediscovered clay, my sewing time has been somewhat curtailed, but last night I did start a table runner.  I just discovered the StringThing quilt along blog and almost jumped into starting a full-sized quilt, but caught myself just before I started cutting strips.  
The idea for the pattern is from a free download on the moda free patterns page, here
this is the quilt:  
 It is called Modern Workshop, by Oliver and S:
 (Of course, I didn't look at the pdf of the instructions until just now, so I can see that I am sewing it in a whole different way, which I actually had thought of doing, but dismissed, since I thought for a table runner it would be easier to mix up a more limited range of fabrics if I sewed it this way, )
I just sewed 3 strip sets that are about 20 inches long, using 2-1/2" strips of fabric,-- 3 grey strips and 3 colored strips in each set:  (I'm using grey for where the white is in the one above)

 --cross cut them into 2-1/2" sections.  When I counted them up, there were 24 of them, and so I just pieced one more from squares to get 25, an odd number so that the corners would work out the same. 
To 13 of them, I added a colored square to the ends, and to the remaining 12, added a grey square to the ends.
 I put them up on the design wall, and see that there are quite a few of them, so i might have 2 table runners when I finish.  now I need to sew a grey strip between each of the pieced ones!!
In working on a knitted project, I am happy to report that I have been happily knitting along on my very simple stockinette stitch sweater.  (alliteration :) )
 I have all the main sections finished and am now doing the front band that gets sewn all around the front edges.  I am now avoiding the blocking of the pieces before it gets sewn together.... should I wash them and lay them flat? or lightly press them?

If you feel the need to see close-ups of my first batch of mugs, you can switch over to "my life in clay" blog, on the links in the sidebar!!

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  1. I always enjoy Periwinkle's pretty projects ! (Oh, no, I think alliteration is contagious!! )
    I really like your pottery mugs...are you selling them?


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