Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Yo-yo Flower Big Day

 On Thursday we had a "Big Day" for our sewing/coffee (mainly coffee) group.  This means that we spent a few hours dedicated to a specific activity.
The topic for the day was making yo-yo flowers.   We were under the guidance of Linda, who is our expert in such matters. 
Here you can see that you first gather all the necessary tools and materials:
buttons, wire-cutters, thread, coffee,
 including seriously cute felt needle storage booklets.
 These are similar to button flowers, but you can use all sorts of things for the flowers, including crocheted ones,
 L has a stash of leaves to add to the bouquet,
 You can even stuff the yo-yos for a bit more volume,
 Although some of us made lots of flowers, and some only a few, it was definitely a great time to enjoy the colors and textures of little objects that make us happy.

-N.b, ----What others are up to today on the needle and thread network


  1. I can't say that I luv yoyo's but these are quite nice. very cool!

  2. So pretty, I love the bouquet too!

  3. ooo - look what the april showers brought! :)

    1. Your right, even if it's raining outside, we can still be colorful inside!

  4. Fun flowers! and what a good time you all must have had. Thanks for sharing such good photos.


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