Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Works (in progress)

Yesterday (Monday) I spent with some friends, sewing!  Of course.
This is definitely the best part of being in Saskatoon-- seeing friends, whether at the store, or elsewhere.  So, I didn't have a particular project to take.  I contemplated the stack of quilts that have the bindings just waiting to be hand-stitched, and then reached for a stack of batiks and black and white prints. Then I threw in a jelly roll by French General that I've had for quite a while. 
When I got there, I had a heap of fabrics, but no clear plan....
 So, I tackled the jelly roll.  A while back the "jellyroll race" was popular.  It is done like this:
1. sew the strips all end to end, cut a little bit off one end, like 15 or 20 inches.   
2. cut this huge 40meter piece into two equal 20 meter pieces and sew them together. 
3. cut the 20 m piece into two, and sew them together, and so on until you have a rectangle that seems like a good shape for a quilt.
 This is what I arrived at.  I thought that the stripes would be going vertically, but was told that I probably had used some of my strips for something else, and so it turned out different.  Okay, I won't quibble, since this could be the real explanation.
I think that this piece needs a little more work before quilting it, but that will be for another day.
On to start "New Project number Two"
I was intending to make some black and white nine patches to work into some sort of table runner.  Somehow, what with chatting and sewing, and resting, and eating, I ended up with rectangular nine patches and some leftover strip set parts.  So, I turned them into 16 square chequerboards and sewed a row of batik around each of them.  There are 14.  This project needs a little more work as well, but that can be a job for another day.
 On to the Third New Project in Three hours!
I started with the purple batik, and some orange ones cut into 2-1/2" strips--( just the same width as the strips in a jelly roll!)  I sewed them into strip sets, and then added a 2-3/4" strip of black and white print fabric to the sides of each strip set. 
 Then I cut the strip sets into 2-1/2" sections and sewed them together in a staggered staircase sort of way. 
 I was sorta suprised at how long it turned out..
Here is another view...
 It is pretty long.
hello down there......
But that's okay!  I have a long table.
Today I decided that another day had arrived and I'd better do something with one of my 3 new Work in Progresses, and so I am quilting this one.  (I just added 1-1/2" strips of the purple batik around the edges. 
Being a bit more adventurous in my Free motion quilting these days, I am doing some sort of vine.
Well, how many new projects have you started this week so far????


  1. Wow! I am impressed! Lots going on there!
    As for the jelly roll race quilt, that is exactly what mine have looked like. I just added a couple of borders and considered it finished!

  2. You have been so productive, Michelle! Love the long table runner! At first, I thought you were doing the Granny squares that are so popular everywhere right now. I really like the batiks too. Your FMQ is looking fabulous. I seem to have stalled in that department!

    1. Well, I recommend the free motion quilting blog by Leah day, and to do some swatches!

  3. Haha! Oh that IS so VERY VERY long! : ) Awesome- reminds me of the bedrunners people were making. Stunning fabrics Michelle! Wow
    Thanks for linking to TN&TN!
    ~Monika K. in Saskatoon

  4. i have started NOTHING this week....grumble grumble...but i am finishing up a couple of things...a baby sweater (in the home stretch now), a pair of socks (which i don't like half as much now as i did when i started them...) a big cleaning/destashing project (this one will go on forever...).
    but i have PLANS! many wonderful plans for the next projects...of course - this list grows everytime i spot a new box of something in my basement!
    it's very good to see your progress and someday i will figure out how to be so productive in one day!

    1. I can only imagine what you have planned, there's a lot going on in that brain! I have that happen to me too about being bait less enthusiastic by the last part of the project. Hence all the single socks.

  5. I just luv all the great colours.

  6. I love that piece you are working on....very nice

  7. I started two and finished one. Working on the other one now. :) Your jelly roll race looks good!

  8. I haven't started any new projects but I have a lot old old ones...LOL

    I love all of the work you have shown us. Very nice:)

  9. Isn't it fun to see how a border changes a piece? Your table runner is beautiful!


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