Sunday, July 28, 2013

Maybe one more row

I sewed the 42 blocks that I needed for the propeller quilt and laid them out in the 6 x 7 grid.   Now I'm thinking I might need one more row,  which means I'll need to sew six more blocks.  It won't be exactly like it is in the book, but I think I might like the proportions better. I can always figure out the new size of the border and binding I guess.
I made this big Crosstitch Q for fun.

 I used a bunch of strands of schoolbus yellow yarn for the Cross stitches. It's base is a wire grid. Because the edges were pretty sharp, I covered them with masking tape. Then I had to cover up the masking tape, so I crocheted the yellow all around the edges.
It looks sort of pretty sitting in the sunlight.


  1. Hi Michelle
    I have the same pattern, but it's called Marble Pools. I made it into a table runner.

    Jacquie @ Morin Lake, Sk

  2. I really like the dimensionality (is that a word?) of the propellor blocks. Very cool. And the "Q" is really neat. I love the crocheted finished edge. I may end up having to learn how to crochet yet! (I am a lost cause for knitting though)


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