Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ordering Fabric for the autumn

Yesterday I spent several hours with our fabric rep going through samples of fabric looking at all the beautiful new collections that will be available this autumn. It was a big job.  
You can see that where I sat I ended up having mountains of fabric samples in front of me. But it was time well spent, and we have lots of wonderful stuff scheduled to arrive each month for many months now.


  1. i have no idea how you can possibly manage to chose amongst all the fabrics available...and, sadly, it's not possible to order them all - nice as it would be!

  2. This is what makes going to work so fun...anticipating all the new fabrics, unpacking the boxes, and then helping customers find something that inspires them!

  3. That sounds like work but oh, so much fun!

  4. I wonder how much space it would take to have a bolt of each of the samples in the five suitcases that she brings, and that's only the new stuff,

  5. Such a huge pile of sample fabrics! I bet the shop would have to be the size of Joann's or one of those big sewing superstores in the US to hold a bolt of each sample fabric, lol! And unpacking and cutting FQs would take forever!! Aack!!

  6. Wow!! I sure wish I lived close to your shop - the fabrics you carry always look so beautiful!!

    Michelle, the summer is just zooming by and I hope you are doing well!! Savannah is properly warm and humid these days. We had so much rain lately that there's been a good bit of flooding in places and it has kept the temperatures a little lower, which has been nice!!

    xoxo Silke


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